Lunch list

Minced meat patty with mushroom sauce * L G Ä 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Chickpea and quinoa patties with BBQ-sauce * Vgn G C P S 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Fish solyanka * G M S 2,60 4,60 5,40 6,40
Salad or baguette from 10 a.m. 2,60 4,60 4,60 4,60
MON-FRI 11-13.30 Weeks list »
Fänriken Weeks list »
Chicken meatballs in red wine-sage sauce L P S Ä 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Vegetable patties w. quinoa & peanut sauce Vg L G N P 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Janssons delight w. pickled beetroot * L G 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Liverpatty w. bacon-cream sauce, lingonberry jam * L Ä 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Salad or baguette from 10 a.m. 2,60 4,60 4,60 4,60
Café Fänriken is closed Weeks list »
Asian cabbage soup * Vgn G P 2,60 4,60 5,40 6,40
LATE LUNCH MENU (16-19 o´clock)
Japanese soy stripes and vegetable sauce Vgn G P 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Café Gadolinia is closed Weeks list »
Kåren Weeks list »
Baked potato with two different stuffings L G 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Creamy salmon soup * L G C 2,60 4,60 5,40 6,40
Meat balls in creamy sauce * L G P 2,60 4,60 5,60 6,60
Café Kåren is closed Weeks list »


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Our goals are to serve our customers in their own languages and at the same
time offer them high quality products at the lowest possible cost. We offer our
customers nutritious meals at breakfast, lunch and also midday snacks as well as a wide variety of fair-trade coffees and
teas. We also offer catering services for different types of events, such as
conferences, parties and dinners. We
have solid knowledge of both our selection of products and their nutritional
value. We`ll also happily answer any
questions regarding our selection.

We`re inspired by flavours from both
near and far. We offer products suitable for vegans, vegetarians, lactose and gluten intolerant and we try to meet the
requirements of guests with certain
allergies or diets.

We want to be a highlight of your day
and hope to be able to serve you
and your friends for the foreseeable
future. We warmly welcome you to the

If necessary, we reserve the right to
make changes in the lunchmenu.