Café Fänriken

Fänriksgatan 3, 20500 Åbo | Tel. 02 215 3705 / 040 567 1229

Café Fänriken is a lunch restaurant situated in the ASA-building at Åbo Akademi. At the restaurant you can enjoy a tasty and nourishing low priced lunch including a salad buffet and homemade bread. The lunch menu consists of several different dishes, all from traditional home cooking to more exotically inspired dishes. You can choose from the different dishes on a daily basis in which we also take into account special diets such as vegan food, lactose and gluten free etc. In addition to the normal lunch we also provide you with fair trade coffee and tea, lunch salads & baguettes, bread rolls, pastries & cakes. 

The dining area seats 96 guests at a time, with a few tables outside in the lobby. There is also the possibility of booking one of our cabinets which seats 12-14 guests at a time. The cabinets are ideal for undisturbed lunches with your own separate lunch buffet.

Contact us and together we can create the perfect package for your event!

Opening hours

MON-THU 8-14.30, FRI 8-14.00
MON-THU 11-14.30, FRI 11-14.00


Patrik Lindström